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download The Last Remnant
The Last Remnant
DOWNLOAD GAME The Last Remnant 2012 (PC/ENG)

The Last Remnant is included RPG game made ??in this century, the game was made ??by Squarc INX. The Last Remnantmenyuguhkan sis RPG with three-dimensional graphics with very high detail you drifted by this RPG graphics. From a makers of a FINAL FANTASY array comes a code latest epic adventure. THE LAST REMNANT is a utterly strange journey title, benefiting from a excellent beautiful bent to set up a lush, real-time anticipation world. The game�s conflict complement has been delicately crafted to broach a mint knowledge for gamers, as they carry out forces in vast cinematic battles.

In very old times, puzzling artefacts referred to as Remnants were detected all over a world. Offering implausible power, they shortly came in to a hands of a selfish few, as well as to illustrate was a world�s ethereal balance shattered. The people were widely separated in to those who ruled as well as those who were ruled over. War was inevitable. Our story starts a thousand years later�

 System Requirements 
* OS: Microsoft� Windows� XP SP2/Vista� SP1 *1 *2
* CPU: Intel� Core�2 Duo (2GHz) / AMD Athlon� X2 (2GHz)

* RAM: 1.5GB RAM

* Hard Disk Space: 15GB

* Graphic Card: NVIDIA� GeForce� 8600 VRAM 256MB or improved *3

* Sound Card: 100% DirectSound� concordant receptive to advice label (DirectX�9.0c or aloft *4)

*Windows� XP Professional x64 Edition as well as server-related OS have been not supported.
*32-bit/64-bit have been upheld for Windows Vista�.
*Laptop versions as well as onboard video have been not supported. Video cards which share a same VRAM as a categorical mental recall have been not supported.

*The chronicle used is DirectX� 9.0c.

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