Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to create a Rainy Text Effect in Photoshop


  • In this tutorial, we’re going to create a simple rainy image. Again, as we did at the last tutorial, mixing up techniques from different tutorials could bring us great results. The tools are in front of our eyes, and we just need to know how to use our creativity.

    What we bring to you today, is a mixing of some simple techniques as an example that you could use and have nice results. So, sometimes ago I’ve checked this tutorial at Like I was looking for something to write here, I thought it would be interesting to compose something with rain and containing some text effects. Let’s get our minds to work!

    Step 1

    Open Photoshop and create a new document and fill it with color black. My dimensions are the following ones, still they’re not very important for the final result.

    Like I said, fill the background layer with black. Call it “heaven clouds”. The name is not important, it is just to know which layer we are working on. Now, go to Filters > Render and choose Difference Clouds.

    Step 2

    Then we’re going to apply another Filter. This time go to Filters > Blur and choose Gaussian Blur. Set radius to around 50px.

    Step 3

    Create a new layer and name it “rain”. Fill it with 50% gray by pressing Shift+F5.

    Step 4

    After that, go again to Filters > Noise, and select Add Noise. Apply the following settings.

    Step 5

    Now, to smooth a little bit the Noise Filter go to Filter > Blur and select Blur. Moving forward, Filter > Stylize and select Wind. Choose the settings as shown and then click OK, repeat the process two more times, or press CMD+F twice.

    Step 6

    Press CMD+I to invert the colors and change the blend mode of the layer to Screen. Now to the layer look like realistic rain, we need to rotate it a few degrees. Press CMD+T to free-transform the layer and rotate it like this.

    Step 7

    Now we need to apply a levels adjustment. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels.

    Note: These values depends the image you’re working on. It is you the best person to know what values fits better on your work.

    If you want to emphasize the look of the rain, just duplicate the layer and try different values for the opacity.

    Step 8

    Let’s put our text on action. Grab the text tool, choose the AR CENA font with a size around 130pt, and type what you want, your call. The color could be anyone, because we will not use it. Position the text around the center of the document. Open the Blending Options panel for that layer and apply these settings.

    Step 9

    Now that our text is with transparency, like the water looks like, we need to create the water drops to give the image a look a bit more realistic. Create a new layer, and name it “water drops”. So, the layer is created, and before we start painting with our brush tool, copy the layer style of your text (STOODIT here) and paste into the last layer we’ve just created. To do this, go to the menu Layer > Layer Style and choose the option Copy Layer Style. To paste it, do the same thing but choose the option Past Layer Style, when the “water drops” layer is selected.

    Now we’re going to setup our brush. Select the Brush tool, or just press B, and open the Brush Panel. Follow the instructions.

    And now you can start painting randomly. After you finished, check if there is water drops over the text. If there is the case, delete it with the eraser tool.

    Step 10

    If we look closer the image is not so realistic as it should be. Rasterize your text layer, and again with the brush tool, paint some water drops, but only a few ones and inside the text. Erase the ones that fell outside the text.

    Step 11

    Now, to put our image more lively let’s add some color. To do that, go to the menu and select Layer > New Fill Layer and choose Solid Color. Use blue (#0e4998). Change the blend mode of that layer to Color.

    Step 12

    Go to Filter menu and select Liquify. We are going to “melt” the text a little bit. Don’t distort it too much.

    Step 13

    To finish the image and to give a look like the text is falling down, duplicate the text layer. Then go to Filters > Blur and select Motion Blur. Set it around to 20px.

    Our image is finished, but still there’s a lot of possibilities. It depends of you. If try to change the blend mode of the Color fill layer, you’ll get nice results too. At this time your image should be awesome! Share it with us!

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